With chemicals and natural products, solely dedicated to restoring old and ancient books of significant historical Indian value.

The Asiatic Society of Bombay is a learned society in the field of Asian studies based in Mumbai, India.

It can trace its origin to the Literary Society of Bombay which first met in Mumbai on November 26, 1804.

It was formed with the intention of "promoting useful knowledge, particularly such as is now immediately connected with India".

Today it hosts more than 15.000 books, 7.000 manuscripts, more than 1.000 maps and many other treasures.

The ravages of time and climate have put many of these books in difficult conditions, making restoration a necessary must.

“Chemical processes like de-acidification to conserve books were introduced 25 years ago, when the first conservation lab was set up here,” says chief conservation officer Sunil Bhirud. “In 1999 the basement was renovated to create a special collections room which is a treasure trove of the rarest of rare books — including our most famous artefact: an original manuscript, in Italian, of Dante’s Divine Comedy, dating back to 1350 AD.”

The restoration room is like a super-specialty state-of-the-art hospital — for books.

i-CHESS is proud to actively help to preserve Indian heritage and culture.