Posted by admin on 17 Sep 2018

Christopher Bluemel was awarded IBG’s EXPAT BUSINESSMAN of the year award. 

From his acceptance speech: 

“I am greatly honoured by this award.

I want to thank the anonymous jury

members who prepared cases, studied

files, and finally made the decision.

But, much more importantly, I want to take

this occasion to thank all the people I worked

with throughout the last 16 years:

chemists, scientists, engineers, enthusiasts

and – last not least – all my colleagues!

I want to dedicate this award to all of them.

It is just as much their award also.

It was fun and very enriching experience to work together as they

taught me a lot. (and yes: I know that I have not always been easy.)

I wish to point out, that to me, it is

particularly moving to receive this prestigious award in Bombay.

After all, this is the business hub of India.

I am well aware that by far I am not the only ex-pat living here.

Hopefully also in future there will be occasions

where I can serve this country and its great people!”